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Thursday Light Lunch



Third Thursday Lunches

Come and join us on the third Thursday of every month
for a light lunch and an opportunity to chat with friends

Lunch is served from 12 noon to 1 pm

in the Church Hall, Christ Church Walmersley, School Lane

There is no charge - although a donation towards costs would be appreciated.

All profit will go to church or charity.
It would be great to see you

Barbara & Nigel Silvester

from the magazine in July/August 2021

Eat, Drink and Be.......

The Bible is full of stories and instruction about eating and drinking together and generally being hospitable. From Genesis 18 when Abraham welcomed the three strangers through to Acts 2 where the early church met to share food and drink together, hospitality is a cornerstone of relationship, understanding and life lived in God’s love. Jesus spent much time sharing meals with others - accepting hospitality wherever he went, being invited into many houses, all of which provided opportunity to speak of, and show to others, how God’s kingdom would change their lives for good.

As church today we continue this practice. Here on Walmersley Road we have many events involving eating and drinking - Thursday Lunches, coffee mornings, Seder meals, Summer barbeques, etc, etc. Every Sunday after worship we stay to have a coffee or tea and a biscuit (or two!). We chat, building our relationships with each other and, on occasion, taking the opportunity of welcoming someone new into our fellowship.   

Or that’s what we did do! Until the Covid 19 pandemic caused a huge change to our routines. Lockdown rules and social distancing brought our eating and drinking to a halt. How much we miss our times of socialising and hospitality!

Around the country the hospitality industry has been re-awakening over recent weeks as restrictions have been gradually lifted. This has involved lots of strict and careful adherence to rules and procedures.  At the time of writing there is many a breath being held as we wait to see if the final return to full opening can be allowed. There is much uncertainty and there are signs that we shall have to wait a while longer yet! 

In church, unfortunately, we have not been able to start the re-opening of our own catering sector. The particular circumstances and layout of our buildings make it difficult to adhere to the requirements laid down. We are also very aware of the unease which many of our congregation and community will have about gathering in a social context. As a result we do need to tread with caution as we look to take steps to

re-open as soon as we can. 

In particular, the Thursday Lunches team have been considering the ‘whys and wherefores’ of how we can start again but we feel that realistically it could well be at least a month or two before we can seriously think about a restart. We will let you know when and how!

In the meantime, let us hold to these the words from Hebrews 13 (The Message version, slightly paraphrased) “Stay on good terms with each other, held together by love. Be ready with a meal for when it is needed.”

Nigel & Barbara


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