Lent and Mothering Sunday

Lent 2021

This year Lent begins on Wednesday 17th February. This is a time when we remember the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert - a time for self reflection, a time to fast and pray about God's expectations for us, maybe a time to give up something or do something new, to think about our lives and our interaction with others.

This year Lent will be different (again!)

Usually we hold study groups with a specific focus; some may add the discipline of a midweek service. This Lent we are unlikely to meet in church for worship but there will be a group meeting via zoom (see below).

However, there are lots of ways in which, whilst in our own homes, we can observe this time as we journey with Christ.

From Mothering Sunday the Vicar and PCCs have decided that public worship will resume, whilst appreciating that for many the time to return is not yet. 

March 14 Mothering Sunday
                10.30 am Holy Communion

March 21  10.30 am Holy Communion

March 28 Palm Sunday                                                                        10.30 am Service of the Word with Procession of Palms


God's Plan

We will be hosting an online Lent Group each Monday evening until 22 March via zoom. The groups begin at 7.30pm.

Access details can be obtained from Ian Banks.

The  meetings will be based on a book “God’s plan for your Wellbeing”

Subjects include wellbeing for physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, financial, and vocational health.


May God bless us all this Lent

#LiveLent: God’s Story, Our Story

A free app from the Church of England 

Daily reflections on your smartphone for each of the 40 days in Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day (17 February - 4 April) that encourage us to reflect on our own story of God and how we might share it with others.
For each day (Monday to Saturday) the app offers:
• A passage from the Bible
• A reflection exploring the reading
• A short prayer
• Full audio of the daily reflection, including specially commissioned music
• A suggested family activity to help you share the day’s theme with members of your household
For each week, there is:
• A theme, mirroring those of the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book, Living His Story
• An introduction to the week’s theme and an action linked to it
• Links to other #LiveLent resources including weekly group study material
The reflections are written by Stephen Hance and are based on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book 2021, Living His Story

The app is available for Android smartphones from ‘Google Play Store’ and for IOS phones from the ‘Apple Mac Store’ (producer Aimer Media)


Forty is a collection of poems by Steve Beal that can be used as meditations during Lent. 

Steve writes:. Each Lent I post a series of poems and reflections called 40 (for obvious reasons) and I'd like to offer these tor you to use, if you wish, as part of your preparation for Easter.

You may want to follow the complete series or dip in and out. Each piece stands alone but there is a flow to them.

I hope you find them useful and if you would like to see them in advance you can find them on my website...  Forty - youinthe blue

Love Yourself

From Cobo Church in Guernsey

We think we can all agree that this year we have already given up quite enough. Instead why not ‘Love yourself through Lent’ this year. Here are 40 self care ideas, choose one a day.

CAFOD online Lent calendar

Our 2021 online Lent calendar offers you the chance to reflect, pray and take justice actions. Join us as we journey through Lent with our global family.


There is also a children's calendar available on the same website


Seen on facebook from St Peter Newton le Willows

This year, rather than giving something up, why not give out kindness and think about Jesus’ ultimate gift of kindness and love? Try our 40 Acts of Kindness challenge as a family. Can you do 40 kind acts during Lent? Use the images below for ideas. Do the challenges in any order – surprise family members by changing the order. Colour in each day as you do it. Swop challenges if you need to, or repeat a challenge if it works better for your family. Sundays aren’t included in Lent so remember to take time to be kind to yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself if you miss a day/s. It’s a tough year and any acts will spread kindness. 















40 Days with God’s Creatures 

Another free app:
A daily Lent guide exploring Christian perceptions of animals using an app on your smart phone. Perhaps something families could do together?
"Why should Christians care about animals?"
"Are Christians good news for animals?"
"What might Jesus say about factory farming?"
Explore these issues and more through this interactive, daily guide this Lent. 
Embark on a spiritual and creative journey, which includes biblical and theological readings, art, videos, music, photography and poetry.
Each week the programme tackles a different theme each week and identifies, critiques and moves beyond human-centred cultural assumptions about animals towards a deeper, more profound sense of wonder for the other creatures with whom we share this planet with.
In addition to the daily reflections, Sundays will include a weekly "challenge" and blog from a special guest contributor. Bonus features includes an extensive collection of art, a digital “prayer wall” and resources list.

You can download the app from ‘Google Play’ (produced by Sarx)

Lent to Easter journey

A website to which more will be added through Lent to guide our journey

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