The Baptism of Christ

Well, that was different!

It certainly felt different arriving for the service at Christ Church on January 11th. The church hall was laid out with tables on which craft materials were set out and there was the delicious aroma of coffee.

The welcome was warm and there was a buzz of friendly chatter as we accepted the drinks provided, but the atmosphere became more focused once the service began. We sang an opening hymn – with the words projected onto a screen – and then began sharing our ideas about baptism with those seated near us.  We actually discovered that one person had been baptised twice!!

The service followed the themes of the symbols used in baptism – and for each there was the opportunity to talk about the symbol and then take part in an activity.

We made crosses out of pipe cleaners

We took small amounts of water and poured them into a bowl.

We made candle holders for the candles on the table.(some of us made them upside down!)

We wrote prayers on templates of doves and these were posted on a prayer board.

Throughout there were songs and prayers and at the end we lit the candles and reaffirmed our baptism promises.

I went with some apprehension but found the service enjoyable, thought provoking and moving.  For someone coming for the first time it was a wonderful opportunity to meet others.  And to end it all there was a lovely lunch – faith, food and fellowship – what more could you ask?

Margery Spencer




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