Resources to help us "be different"

With shutdowns and restricted movement taking place due to Covid-19 we are not going to be able to worship with one another in the way that we are normally used to. So we have been looking for some resources you can access from home.

If you are able to access the internet there are very, very many options. So PLEASE help those who do not have this lifeline – perhaps by printing some items out for them.

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Set aside a period each day, or several

  • you may find it helpful to have a specific place;
  • maybe light a candle, to help you focus;
  • perhaps use a holding cross if you have one;
  • but above all be comfortable and at ease.

Just a suggestion

  • Ask God to help you remember he’s there with you.
  • Say the prayer Jesus taught his disciples, “Our Father”
  • Give thanks for the day (if you feel able)
  • Read a bible passage – slowly. Now read it again.
  • What phrase or word stands out for you? Why?
  • Choose one point which has registered with you and pray about it.
  • Look toward tomorrow. What do you expect the day to hold?
  • Ask God to help you remember he is with you always.

Services of daily prayer are available on the Church of England website . There are services of Daily Prayer in both contemporary and traditional forms and for all times of day. Once you get to the page, click the ‘More Options’ link to filter by date, time of day and form of service. Also on the site you can read or hear a daily prayer. If you have a smartphone why not download and use the “Daily Prayer” app? It is free to download from the usual sources.

Now you may have some extra time, it is not too late to sign up for the Diocesan Year of Discipleship 

Social Media
If you have access to Facebook or Twitter you will find many, many live streams of daily prayer, so no difficulty in finding a style that suits your particular preferences. Please also encourage others to like or follow us.

Ways to pray if you can’t get to church
This is a booklet with lots of good hints, tips and examples for praying at home.

Creative Ways of Praying

  • You might find it helpful to listen to favourite hymns or worship songs, or other pieces of music that have a special meaning for you.
  • Pictures can help prompt our prayers - for instance photos of loved ones, maps or pictures of our community or the wider world.
  • If the news is getting you down, try praying for the people and situations that are mentioned. 
  • Why not try doodling, painting, or drawing as you pray?

The BBC Radio 4 Daily Service & Sunday Service
Most of us can access these but again, if you are able to go online you will find a number of previous services too.

A Sermon for every Sunday
This is a really great website where, as the name suggests, you can see and hear Sermons for every Sunday. These are delivered by a number of different preachers, some of them very well known. Usually a manuscript is available for reading too. Often you can access sermons on the same texts from earlier years as well, so you get a wide variety of approach and tone.

Our own sermon archive
Here on the website of St John with St Mark you will find some reflections and sermons from our own Ministry Team. Some you may have heard before, many probably not. At last count there were 68 sermons there, enough to keep you going for over a couple of months if you ration yourself to one a day!

Aimed mainly at Families
Daily prayer and worship activities currently free for all at EngageAtHome

We are simply aiming to share a few ideas. Please let us have your suggestions and both the benefice websites have numerous links you may find helpful.

Prayers about the outbreak

If you want to pray specifically about the outbreak, this Church of England site gives you some models to work from. Here’s an example:
Keep us, good Lord,
under the shadow of your mercy
in this time of uncertainty and distress.
Sustain and support the anxious and fearful,
and lift up all who are brought low;
that we may rejoice in your comfort
knowing that nothing can separate us from your love
in Christ Jesus our Lord.


If you are finding isolation difficult
you may find some help in the prayers, advice and reflections here


Oh and don’t forget your Bible. It may be well thumbed or it may be on a shelf somewhere but it contains all you’ll ever need.

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