"Not so recent" sermons

an opportunity to reflect or to catch up

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8 July Sea Sunday Gill Barnett
27 May Trinity Ian Banks
7 January Epiphany (yr B) Gill Barnett
20 August Inclusivity Gill Barnett
18 June Thanksgiving Gill Barnett
5 March - Lent 1 Simon Says   Gill Barnett




13 November Remembrance Margery Spencer
2 October Where is God? Keith Trivasse
29 May The Four Texts Gill Barnett
1 May The Peace of Christ Gill Barnett

6 March -
Mothering Sunday

God's Different Plan  

Gill Barnett




6 December

The Heart of Worship

​Gill Barnett

1 November

For All the Saints

Gill Barnett

11 October
- Harvest

A new heaven 

Gill Barnett

20 September

Four Ws 

Dave Thompson

13 September

Signs and symbols

Dave Thompson

30 August

Faith that works

Gill Barnett






















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