The Creation

















Who put the colours in the rainbow?

Who put the salt into the sea?

Who put the cold in the snowflake?

Who made you and me?

Who put the hump upon the camel?

Who put the neck on the giraffe?

Who put the tail upon the monkey?

Who made hyenas laugh?

Who made whales and snails and quails?

Who made hogs and dogs and frogs?

Who made bats and rats and cats?

Who made everything?


Fortified with coffee and croissants, we studied the first chapter of Genesis

we had quizzes, colouring sheets (grown up ones too),

during the service we all helped to put together a large collage,

and after hearing the {arab;le of the Sower,

we planted nasturtium seeds - to bring to our harvest festival in a few week's time.


A service for everyone - do come along to our next Cafe Church.

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