Christian symbols

Following a lesson for year 4 on Christian symbols, Mrs Jenkinson kindly sent some of the comments from and photos taken by pupils. Thanks go to Barbara and Nigel Silvester who agreed to show the children around and try to answer any questions.


I thought Nigel and Barbara were really helpful and let us look at lots of the church. 

I liked taking lots of great photos.  Mairah

One of my favourite things of going to church was the organs and learning about the tower and its history.  Zenab


I liked seeing all the different places in a church.  Kayla

I liked the stained glass windows because they looked pretty.


I really liked looking for the crosses because it was fun looking for things.  Alice

What I liked at the church was looking at the crosses.  Blake

I loved the wall of names that was people who died in the war.  Lacey


I liked the piano with the big tubes!  Thomas M

I liked seeing behind the organ and vestry.  Lottie

One of my favourite parts of being in the church                   
was seeing the different coloured crosses. 
I also liked how the church was vibrant with those
lovely stained glass windows.  Daisy


The church itself is shaped like a cross.  Gabby


to all in Year 4 who shared

thoughts and photos with us.




This stained glass collage was made by Year 4 following their visit



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